Calico Racing is proud to announce the selection of Big Cat Rescue to be our featured non-profit organization. With a name like Calico Racing, it should come as no surprise that I have a huge affinity toward BIG CATS (and domestic ones!) Big Cat Rescue serves a dual purpose, to educate the public and to care for and house rescued cats from abuse to include inbreeding, loss of habitat and extinction, circus acts, fur & pet trade.

CLICK ON the picture above to check out the You Tube video of Canyon, the Sandcat. He is the cats meow of “little cats” at Big Cat Rescue. Notice the Calico Racing sponsorship sign in front of his enclosure!

Calico Racing is honored to sponsor the following Cats under the care of Big Cat Rescue. Please visit them at :

RENO; Golden Leopard retired from the circus in 2002

NIKITA; Lioness, formerly the pet of a drug dealer confiscated by police at a crack house and relocated to Big Cat Rescue on 11/30/01

WILLOW; Siberian Lynx rescued from fur trade on 6/1/94 ZABU; White Siberian/ Bengal Tiger rescued from inbreeding

SNORKLE; Siberian/ Bengal Tiger rescued from entertainment industry, circus acts, and abuse

CANYON; Sand Cat rescued as a Desert Storm POW on 10/23/00

AMORE: Amur Leopard facing extinction. Not housed at Big Cat Rescue, only 30-40 Amur Leopards remain in the wild, and those in captivity face rampant inbreeding forcing this gorgeous animal onto the critically endangered species list.

Calico Racing supports Big Cat Rescue, World Wildlife Fund; and ASPCA.