Vintage Vegas Virtual Slam - Virtual Slam

Keep motivated this May with 4 Virtual Races from our “Vintage Vegas” series to complete the Virtual Slam!

With Nevada’s extended State at Home order into the month of May, now more than ever we need that added push to stay motivated and sane.

Join the Vintage Vegas Virtual Slam and earn 4 unique medals from our previous events and collect a piece of Calico Racing history!

Calico Racing started in March 2007 and has since fully produced 118 amazing races around the gorgeous Las Vegas Valley. 2007 also began the Calico Slam, rewarding runners for completing 4 Calico Racing events in one year. The event offerings have changed slightly over the years; some races are still in existence, and others are fond memories of the incredible past I have shared with my cherished runners, crew, volunteers, and supporters.

It has been a long and rewarding 14 years full of lots of sweat, tears (both the good and bad kind!), and of course a little blood. Your hugs and smiles have made it all worth the long sleepless nights- and I can’t wait for the honor to welcome you in person to the starting line at a Calico Racing event!

Until then…. please join us down memory lane and join the Vintage Vegas Virtual Slam.


Vintage Vegas Virtual SlamVirtual Slam + 1 Run As 1 Running Rox
4 Races to complete the V3 Slam!
Thru May 31

Registration into the Vintage Vegas Virtual Slam includes 4 "vintage" medals from our previous events, and includes USA shipping.

We will ship once a week; approx May 5, 12, 19, 26, and June 2.

*You can also choose to add a Run As 1 Global Running Rox Relay for the discounted price of $15/ Rox.

Rox 5 multi

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Run Anywhere, Any time, Any distance!

*We will ship once a week; approx May 5, 12, 19, 26, and June 2*

Once you receive your package, take a look at the medals you've received and gain inspiration!

You can run one virtual race per week; or 4 in one week; or in 4 consecutive days; or all in one day! You choose!

Distances on the medals will range from 5K, 7K, 10K, 1/2 Marathon, Marathon, 50K, 50 Miler, 100K, and even 100 Miler. Most medals will have multiple distances on them, so you can choose the distances that are right for you.

Medals may be from ET Full Moon Midnight; Purple Run; Labor of Love, Hoover Dam (thru 2014); Running with the Devil; Running from an Angel (thru 2015); Red Rock Canyon; Blue Moon; Twilight; V3 Ultra; or others. It's a surprise grab bag and a fun way to spice up your running routine!

If you live in the Las Vegas Valley, you may want to run along the actual course of these past events, but it is totally up to you!

Or, perhaps you want to dress up in solidarity of the events' theme. It's up to you! Or you can go all out and be a combination of a Purple Alien wearing Angel wings running in Devil'ish heat. It's your custom Virtual Calico Slam!

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Schedule and Packet Pickup

*We will ship once a week; approx May 5, 12, 19, 26, and June 2*

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