Calico Racing Policies:

Refunds: There are NO refunds of entries fees, add-ons, etc.

Transfers/ Person to Person: There are NO transfers of entry fees or add-ons from one person to another.

Transfers between races: If you are unable to participate in an event you have registered for, you may transfer your entry into another Calico Racing event, good for 12 months, on the following transfer schedule:

  • 30 days or greater: 100% of the net entry fee/ add-ons paid (less online   processing fee) will be transferred into the other event. The entry fee of the race that you are transferring into will be determined by the pricing schedule listed for that event on the date you select the new race. No refund of any difference, if applicable, will be issued.
  • 15- 29 days: 50% of the net entry fee/ add-ons paid (less online processing fee) will be transferred into the other event. The entry fee of the race that you are transferring into will be determined by the pricing schedule listed for that event on the date you select the new race. No refund of any difference, if applicable, will be issued.
  • 0- 14 days: NO transfer credit will be issued inside of 14 days from race day.   PLEASE do not ask me to deviate from this posted policy, regardless of circumstance, as it is enforced uniformly and without exception. Please understand that planning and payment for your participation starts as much as 1 year out from race day; with items such as shirts, medals, etc purchased on your behalf 2-4 months in advance.
  • SHIRTS: Please also note that failure to collect event shirts prior to or on race day may result in your shirt being given to volunteers, permitting bodies, etc and there is no guarantee of shirts left over after race day. Shirts will only be mailed at a shipping and handling charge of $20 for the first shirt, $5 for each additional shirt in the same package within the USA. Payment and mailed shirt requests must be received by Tuesday of race week. Only those not eligible for a full or partial transfer may collect their shirt.
  • NOTE: If you register for a race inside of 2 weeks til race day you accept that there are NO refunds or transfers.

NOTICE METHOD: If you would like to exercise this transfer option please EMAIL me with the race name and distance you are registered for, and you must specifically request a transfer voucher. I will reply via email with a transfer voucher that you MUST keep as your proof of transferability. When you are ready to select your new race please download the mail in entry form from the race website, print out a copy of the transfer voucher email from me, mail a check payable to: Calico Racing, LLC for any additional payment, if applicable, and mail it to the address on the entry form. If you are unclear about any additional payment, please email me. Please note that you may only transfer your entry one time. If you are unable to participate in the  “transferred in” race- there are no transfer credits a second time.  Please also note that I diligently monitor my email account. If you send a transfer request email and do not receive a response within the notice schedule time-frame, it is your responsibility to follow up via email/ phone during the notice period. (please be sure to check your junk mail). Claims of prior unanswered email notice, or notice sent via any method other than to the email address on the contact page will be denied.

Switching distances at the same race: You may switch distances within the same race up until Wednesday of race week at 11:59pm Pacific Time.  There is no administrative “switching” fee. If you are dropping down in distance, no refund of entry fee paid will be issued. If you are switching up, you’ll just need to pay the difference in entry fee.

Cancellation of the event: Calico Racing takes your safety very seriously. It is our utmost goal to provide you with an awesome race! However, in the case of extreme weather as determined by permitting bodies (typically just lightening), issues of National Security, or extreme measures out of the control of Calico Racing we reserve the right to cancel an event for your safety, without refunds or rain dates. Your registration into a race accepts this risk, understanding that Calico Racing has already incurred all costs and work in association with putting on the race.